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For parents

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A diagnosis of children's cancer marks the beginning of a journey full of emotional, psychological, physical and practical challenges.  This section provides information specific to the needs of parents whose child has been diagnosed with cancer.

Managing emotional aspects - feelings and fears

This section helps with your feelings and fears, explaining how you might feel, and the key tasks at each stage in your child’s diagnosis and treatment.

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Telling your child about their cancer

It's not easy to talk to a child about a diagnosis of cancer. The amount of information that you need to give them will depend on their age and emotional development. The most important thing is to be open and honest.

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For children

The following information has been written for a child at a reading age.  Share this information with your child if you think it is appropriate...

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Making decisions about treatment

As for all medical treatments, you or your child will have to give informed consent. This means that you will be given information about the...

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Helping your child to lead a normal and happy life

Children (particularly younger children) live in the ‘here and now’, and will want to play and enjoy other activities as usual. This gives them a...

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Everyday care

Maintaining everyday activities of a healthy lifestyle, including eating, sleeping and exercising, are even more important for a person with cancer. There are also some...

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Being aware of mental health issues

Although most children cope with cancer treatment very well, for some, the physical and mental stress of the disease and its treatment may cause depression...

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Looking after your other children

Having a brother or sister with cancer will also be frightening for your other children, and they will experience a range of emotions similar to...

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Accepting help from family and friends

You will have many offers of help from family and friends who care about you and want to do something. Don’t be afraid to accept...

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Accessing hospital services

For information on accessing hospital services.

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Practical tips for parents

Some practical tips for looking after yourself and what others can do to help you.

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published: Sunday, 23 August, 2015