About children’s cancer

Having a child diagnosed with cancer can be devastating. It affects parents, immediate family members, and extended family as well. Facing such a diagnosis can be overwhelming and leave you with many questions and concerns.

This section aims to provide you with further information about childhood cancer, so you can make informed choices, and feel as supported as possible through this challenging journey.

Information found on this section includes:

  • The differences between adult and children’s cancer
  • how cancer is diagnosed
  • how cancer is treated
  • statistics about childhood cancer.

Cancer is a disease of the cells, which are your body’s basic building blocks. Cells divide and form new cells all the time to replace old, or dead cells. For example, new skin cells replace old skin cells when they die. This process happens throughout your whole body.

In a world first, Cancer Australia has released national data on childhood (paediatric) cancer stage at diagnosis for the period 2006–2014.