About Children's Cancer

How is cancer treated?

The treatment your child will receive for their cancer will depend upon what type of cancer your child has. Treatment options will also take into account any risks or side-effects of treatment, length of treatment and where it will take place. Treatment options may also be complicated, so it may be helpful to write any questions for your child's treating team down as you think of them.

A team of health professionals will be involved in planning your child's treatment. These may include medical staff such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists, social workers and psychologists, dietitians and other allied health professionals. This is known as multidisciplinary care and ensures that your all of your child's needs are considered while they have cancer treatment.

In this section, you can find more information about:

  • some of the treatments that your child might have to treat their cancer
  • how these treatments work 
  • what side effects they might have
  • your child's treatment team.

Combinations of treatments are often used to make sure the child has the best chance of being cured.


Also see Making decisions about treatment.