For health professionals and researchers

Looking after yourself

Looking after seriously ill children and their families can be a very emotional experience for health professionals. It’s both rewarding and challenging.

Health professionals may find support and resources through their peers, clinical supervisors, Employee Assistance Program (if available), or their professional college or association.

Several organisations have developed resources that enable self-assessment and self-care, and help you to manage burnout: 

  • RACGP – Keeping the doctor alive is a guidebook that provides all medical practitioners with information and resources on strategies for self-care as an essential element of their professional life.
  • Heads Up contains a range of resources for managers, staff and businesses to enable positive workplace mental health.
  • The Black Dog Institute provides education and training for maintaining a healthy workplace. It also provides ways to get help.
  • Tackling depression at work is a low-cost practical guide for employees and managers.