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For health professionals and researchers

Health professionals need to keep up to date with the latest information about children’s cancer and development opportunities. They also play a critical role in making sure that children with cancer and their families know what information and support is available, and how to access it. This section includes links to further information about children’s cancer for health professionals.

Specific cancer information

This section provides links to a range of relevant information on children's cancer for health professionals.

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Clinical practice guidelines

While there are few guidelines that deal specifically with childhood cancer, in this section you will find relevant links to Australian and international guideline portals or relevant organisations.

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Professional development

Where to find out about professional development courses, resources and activities.

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Talking to children about cancer

For guidance on how to talk to a child about their cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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Talking to families about children's cancer

Information and resources that may help you in discussing cancer with parents and families.

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Immunisation and cancer

Where to find information on immunisations and cancer.

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Looking after yourself

Looking after seriously ill children and their families can be a very emotional experience for health professionals.

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Children's hospitals in Australia

Links to the major hospitals treating children with cancer in Australia.

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Research organisations and networks

For information on children's cancer research organisations, institutions and funding in Australia.

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Professional bodies

Links to professional organisations and peak bodies involved with children's cancer in Australia.

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published: Sunday, 23 August, 2015