Living with children's cancer

Accepting help from family and friends

You will receive many offers of help from family and friends who care about you and want to help. Help can be hard to accept at first, but this will become easier. Accepting offers of assistance may make this time easier for you and your family.

People who offer to support may not know what to do. Let them know how they can be most helpful, such as shopping or cooking meals. Always be clear about what you need. Make sure you look after your own needs first rather than trying to please others. Some people may feel uncomfortable and may not offer or approach you, this is quite normal as we all deal with things differently.

You might find it overwhelming to repeat information for different relatives and friends. ‘Nominating’ someone close to you to update family and friends for you can help with this. You could also provide regular updates through a blog post, email or private social media groups.

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