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Accepting help from family and friends

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You will have many offers of help from family and friends who care about you and want to do something. Don’t be afraid to accept these offers, as it will be very helpful for you to be nurtured within a caring community as you face this difficult journey. People who offer help may not initially know what to do, so you might need to guide them in the things that will be most useful, such as shopping or cooking meals. This may be hard at first, as you might not be used to asking for help, but it will get easier as routines develop.

There may be the odd person who reacts in a way you did not expect, but most people will welcome being told what to do in this situation and will be a great support. Always be clear about what you need, and put your own needs first rather than trying to please your friends.

You might find it overwhelming to repeat information endlessly for different relatives and friends. It is a good idea to identify a key person who you give updates to and who then passes the information on to others who need to know.

published: Sunday, 23 August, 2015